WhatsApp for Android Gets Fingerprint Feature


WhatsApp has announced the launch of Fingerprint Lock for Android. With the move, the Facebook-owned company is finally bringing biometric authentication to the Android app, with iPhone users enjoying both Touch ID (fingerprint recognition) and Face ID (facial recognition) since February this year.

With the feature, Android users can now have the app lock automatically, and unlock only with their fingerprint.
Users can also choose how much time it will take for the app to automatically lock; from immediately after closing, to after 1 minute, and after 30 minutes.

WhatsApp fingerprint

Users will also be able to choose whether the content of their messages will be visible in notifications, including the sender of the message.
To turn WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock for Android on, users will have to visit Settings, then go to Account, then on to Privacy, and then Fingerprint lock.

Once they enable the Unlock with fingerprint option, they will have to confirm their fingerprint. This feature should start rolling out soon for Android users across the globe.


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  1. Oyaa! This is a great development especially for a Samsung lover like me! Now I can keep all my raunchy chats from madam. Thanks for the gist oga review ♥️♥️

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