Tower Pot is losing its shine, study shows


Cookware are vital in every home, they are essential items in every home. They come in different shapes and sizes: Cookware, including; cast iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum pots.

Tower is the most popular cookware brand in the Nigerian market and home. Tower is widely known for the production of kitchen utensils, especially pots and pans. These pots are lightweight, easily cleaned, rust free and can last for years without any dent in sight. For decades, Tower pots and pans have been used as gifts at wedding events, traditional marriages were not complete without the presentation of a tower pot or pan.

However, from CobraReview feedback, the brand is failing in quality and is apparently losing its appeal; during a market survey some consumers expressed that the pots are now sticky and describe how it’s no longer as durable as in times past.

They explain that the pot now loses its appeal after short usage and cannot be compared to Tower pots produced in the 80s and 90s.

The general consensus among many loyal proponents of the brand is that it is now living in past glory.

I decided to try out the non-stick brand myself. It did not go very far in use. In a couple of months the strain began to show!. The non-stick coatings started fading out. Almost anything cooked on it sticks to the pan. The lids are not so fitted and they get broken easily. The metal rims are rusting too.

Consumers hope the great brand will rejig its process with a view to making a comeback so it can regain its teeming loyal consumers.

Tower pot and pan sets come in different sizes and style and retail from N3500 (a set of 3) and above. They can be bought in open markets, supermarkets and online stores such as SME, SPAR, Shoprite, Jumia, Konga and others.

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