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Throwback: The Good Old Days of Tandi Guarana

Tandi Guarana
Tandi Guarana

Tandi Guarana became an instant hit the moment it came on the Nigerian scene; especially with children of the 80s and 90s.

Its tropical fruity taste had a hint of apple in it and that made it refreshingly different from the coke, fanta, ginger ale, crush and other sodas that held sway at the time.

It’s unique flavour was chiefly influenced by extracts of the Guarana plant which is native to the Amazon basin and is common in Brazil and Portugal.

Guarana is said to contain more caffeine than coffee and the energy it gives is more long-lasting than coffee. However, too much consumption of it can be harmful to the body.

Tandi Guarana was produced by Coastal Bottlers Ltd. The product presented in a 30cl bottle and it sold at N8.00 in the 80’s – for the liquid content only.

The advert for the drink was infused with a lot of tropical fun too, and was very engaging and fun for kids and adults at that time.

Good old days of Tandi Guarana

Tandi Guarana

Parties weren’t complete without bottles of Tandi.

Just in case you are one of those who danced to the advert without bothering to get the lyrics right, let me help you a little:

It’s so delightful and refreshing
Tandi Guarana
And a new fruity flavour
Tandi Guarana
If you want to have some fun
Tandi Guarana
Tandi Guarana
Tandi Guarana…

Unfortunately, the drink left the Nigerian market without notice. Even now, I wouldn’t mind having a taste of the good old Tandi once more. Rumour has it, however, that Tandi Guarana is making a comeback.

We don’t know how true this is but we do hope that it will be able to withstand the stiff competition that obtains in the soft drinks market in 2019.

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