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The Best Ways to Care for Your Wigs This Season

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Wigs have long been a fashion trend for women, many cannot do without this important trend because it is more convenient and easy to wear one without going through the stress of visiting a salon to style the hair. In as much as a majority seems to be on the natural hair movement, a lot of women out there still love their wigs and weave styles.

In order to salvage a bad hair day, or even just for those days when one feels like wearing a different look, a wig is not a bad idea for such an emergency.

The beauty of wigs is that they come in all shapes, colours, lengths, and designs. You can have a blonde wig, synthetic wig, human hair wig, a curly wig, a straight wig, a pixie cut wig, a lace front, etc. The flip side is that they don’t come cheap hence the need to properly care for and maintain them for lasting and satisfying use.

To get the best out of your wigs these tips should not be ignored.

1. Strive to know the difference between human hair and synthetic hair.
Human hair wigs are stronger and have a higher resistance to heat than a synthetic one, it also tangles a lot and hardly ever melts. So when you buy a wig, be on the lookout for what it’s made of and read carefully to guide you on how best to care for it.

2. Do not sleep or shower with your wig on: Never sleep with your wigs on to avoid tangling and forming knots at the edges as a result of tossing around on the bed. Don’t shower with it either and also take it off under heavy rainfall.

3. Cleanse with the right products and tools.
When shopping for cleaning products for your wig, go for the ones specially made for it because regular shampoo and conditioners have a lot of chemicals in them that may damage the texture of your wig, especially synthetic ones.
Simply soak it with shampoo, conditioner, and warm water for about an hour. Once the dirt is fully out, carefully rinse the wig and dry it on a hanger. Do not blow dry it, as the heat could cause damage. You can alternatively dry during the day, by leaving the wig to dry on its own under a shade. then comb or brush with the right wig comb.

4. Avoid bleaching your wig.
If you buy a wig whose lace doesn’t match your skin tone. Apply a bit of your face powder or a little concealer at the roots of the wig – on the lace – so that the lace and your skin match. Then it won’t look so obvious that you’re wearing a wig.

5. If your wigs become too oily as a result of over-spraying, Sprinkle baby powder on the roots of the wig and comb the wig downwards, spreading the baby powder. This hack will reduce the oil in the wig.

6. Proper Storage: Properly store your wig to wade away dust and smell of any kind. Whenever you are not using a wig, the proper way to store it is on a mannequin or on a hook of some kind, so that it is in an upright position, and it doesn’t get tangled. Also, cover it to avoid dust

7. Be cautious of how you comb your wig when it’s tangled. Don’t comb it downwards, you will lose hair and doing this often will make the wig thin. Instead, turn the wig upside down and then comb and de-tangle with a wide tooth comb.

8. Excess heat is a no-no. When styling your wig, know that heat can really damage it; especially a synthetic wig, so be careful not to use too much heat. Always read the instructions that came with your wig, so you can find out how much heat is suitable for the texture of your wig.

Remember, if you take good care of your wig; especially now that we are approaching the harmattan season and yuletide, it will give you the lovely hair you desire and last longer too.


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