Selling Made Easy: 7 Tips to Help You Get the Best Deals on Your Property

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Property owners, like other business owners, wish to make a profit on their properties, either by renting or through an outright sale. However, just as sellers are looking at good sales, buyers are looking at getting good value for their money.

Often, buyers already have an ideal house in mind as they search. They have thought through details like location, size, and design, depending on personal tastes and preferences. Thus, for your house to sell, it has to be your potential buyer’s preference.

Do you have a property you are putting up for sale? Below are 7 top selling tips to help you get the best value from your property.

  • Give Your House a Nice ‘Packaging’

Packaging is key when selling or marketing any product. Its impact on the first impression a potential buyer has of the product cannot be overstated. For a property to be attractive to buyers, it has to appeal to factors they consider crucial in their decision making. To package your house, you should make sure the house walls, pipes, doors and windows, furniture and surroundings are all in order and in good shape.

  • Home Staging

Another way to maximize returns from a property sale is home staging. Surely, the potential buyer would love to see how comfortable he/she can be in the house. This can be done by staging a normal everyday home setting to spark the buyer’s imagination. Rearrange the furniture. Clear unwanted items in the house. Set a comfy and relaxing atmosphere by using candles to light up the interior and create a homely effect.

It is important to keep the buyer in mind and not think too much of your own style while staging the property, because you must remember that you are selling to someone else, not yourself. To achieve this, you must understand your potential buyer; know what he/she wants and how they want it. Depending on the location of the house and the value attached to it, as a seller, you must have an idea of the kind of buyers that will come your way. This, to a great extent, will help you as you conduct renovations.

  • Show Genuine Interest in the Buyer

Every buyer wants to be listened to during negotiations. Like it or not, this is the way buyers think, especially as they know you will make some profit when they buy your property. Discerning buyers might be able to smell your lack of interest in their welfare from miles away. It makes them presume that you’re only interested in selling off the house; not caring if it truly meets what they want and need. It never hurts to be a little friendly by showing empathy. This will make the buyer trust you and be more open to hearing why he or she should buy the property you have to sell. By so doing, you are likely going to get your property well valued.

  • Don’t Get Clingy

Avoid coming across as a ‘clingy seller’. We all know it can be very tedious to sell a property. However, as a property seller, you should just present your property to your buyer and give him/her time to think and have a good review of the property. Selling a property is a business transaction and it is good to stay as dispassionate as possible, with that, your house is going to be more valued.

  • Hire an Estate Valuer

To get the market value of your house or property, it is advisable to enlist a trusted professional. An approximation may result in overvaluing or undervaluing your property. Even though there are online property companies that offer valuation services, nothing beats the experience of an estate valuer who takes into account tangible details of your house like building materials, soil texture and others.

  • Advertise the Price

Pricing is also a major factor. Fewer things will frustrate a buyer more than looking at an advertised house without a price. Your listing is usually the first time a possible buyer will see your house. If the required detail isn’t there, it will have to be something truly unique that gets them digging deeper, rather than just scrolling past to the next house that meets their criteria.

A budget is important for a buyer. It’s not always possible to pin down a finite figure, but if the property you are advertising doesn’t have a negotiable price listed, it’s a top turnoff for buyers (even if the property is reasonably priced).

  • Master the Act of Marketing

Marketing your house involves the steps you take to make it known to potential buyers that it is up for sale. The creativity in the presentation of the property to your potential buyers and marketing strategy recommended by your agent will go a long way in determining if you will make a good sale at the end of the day. Mutually connecting with your buyers is a way of enhancing sales in real estate market. Don’t rush into getting your property sold. It is important that you put everything in place to ensure you have a property that potential buyers would be excited about and use the right platforms for marketing.


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