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Scam Or Balm? Bishop Claims His ‘Wonder Water’ Can Cure Poverty, Diseases


Bishop (Dr.) Sam Zuga, general overseer of House of Joy Ministry in Benue state who also calls himself Jehovah’s Field Marshall, recently introduced a miracle water called World Wonders Water (WWW) which according to him, can ‘see’, ‘talk’, ‘hear’, ‘excavate charms’, ‘open closed doors and wombs’ and do much more.

According to the Clergy, the water, which is selling for N5,000.00 per container was revealed to him on the ‘3:3’ 3rd of March 2017 (3/3/17) and he launched it on ‘7:7’ on 7/7/17.

Dr Zuga added that the World Wonders Water, is able to make millions of people millionaires, and will be accepted by all human races irrespective of colour and religion. He said he has a mandate to wipe away tears and put smiles on people’s faces.

He said his work in touching lives positively all over the world has given him Honorary Doctorate degree from the Commonwealth University in United States of America and four other universities.

Bishop Zuga is known for several humanitarian endeavors, including unemployment alleviation for youths and a scholarship program.

His Sam Zuga Foundation is said to offer free medical care for different kinds of sickness. Reports has it that he allegedly has a ‘supernatural fertilizer’ and products manufacturing company in Benue state.

Concerned Nigerians believe however, that he is just another New Generation Pastor who is out to scam some brainwashed miracle seekers. Some observers are of the opinion that the water is just an expensive typhoid infested concoction while others pray that Nigerians will one day awaken from this religious bondage of believing every self acclaimed “man of God”.

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