The Samsung T7 Touch External SSD With Fingerprint Reader: Classy & Secure

Samsung T7 Touch

Samsung has announced a new product at the tail end of the consumer exhibition show (CES 2020). Samsung T7 Touch is an external SSD with a built-in fingerprint reader.

External drives aren’t too complicated. If you ever find yourself shopping for one, simply decide whether you want an SSD, and then you make sure it’s a fast model with plenty of storage. But Samsung is thinking outside of the box with its latest SSD product. It’s hoping potential buyers will have security on the brain when they’re looking for their next external storage.

The Samsung T7 Touch external SSD uniquely offers a fingerprint reader so you can lock-down your private files and folders with biometric authentication. This security layer is especially useful if you don’t own a laptop with a reader. In terms of how fast the drive is, Samsung says you’re looking at write speeds up to 1,000MB/s and read speeds up to 1,050MB/s.

Samsung T7 Touch

The concept behind the T7 Touch is simple, before being able to access whatever data you have stored on the drive, you have to prove your identity with a fingerprint scan. Samsung said you can register up to four different fingerprints, so there is the option to share the drive with friends, family or co-workers. The T7 Touch also has a light to indicate when it’s plugged in transmitting data.

Other features include an aluminium body – making it drop-resistant up to two meters – as well as a single USB-C port, which works with a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A cable. It is also “twice as fast as its predecessor” the T5.

The T7 Touch will launch this month (January). It’ll cost $129.99( roughly N46,000) for the 500GB model, $229.99( roughly N83,000) or 1TB of storage, or $399.99 (roughly N140,000) for the 2TB model.

A version of the Samsung T7 Touch without a fingerprint reader, simply called the T7, should follow soon.


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