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Rubber Footwear – No 1 Fashion Investment for the Rainy Season

Rubber footwear

After spending time dressing up and getting ready for your normal day to day routine, party or functions, a heavy down pour might set your day back, irrespective of where you are caught up. Umbrellas or raincoats can come to the rescue, but your shoes might not be so lucky except you happen to be wearing a neatly designed rubber footwear; then you will have very little to worry about.

Made from rubber or material like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber footwear are ideal for the rains because they are available in water proof materials, are washable, dry easily and are easy to maintain.

rubber footwear

These shoes are available in different designs, and are also suitable for men and women, children and students. They even come in styles that are both corporate and casual, Cobra Review gathered.

These shoes, sandals or slippers can be worn with formal or informal outfits. The straps are firm and friendly on the feet and they come in open or peep toes as well as various colours.

The male variants sometimes come as a replica of smart loafers and brogues. These are elegant footwear which can be worn with a suit, native attire or even casuals. They could very easily be mistaken for leather shoes.

The shoes are predominantly made in China and brought to Nigeria. Rubber factories in Nigeria have also joined in the production trend, increasing the availability of rubber footwear. The shoes sell between N500 and N3000 depending on style, quality, and whether you are buying them in the open market or boutique.

A fashion diva at Neons Collection in Lagos, Amaka Okonyia does not see the footwear in bad light. According to her , rubber footwear do not only help her in rainy season, but because they are so fashionable, they go nicely with most of her attires.

Well its all fashion and individual difference. Again that rubber sandals might just be what complements the outfit.”

rubber footwear

Another consumer, Muyiwa Bada residing at Ibafo area of Ogun State told Cobra Review that the community he is residing in requires him to get one because it rescued his leather shoes from damage when stuck in rain at the office.

So if you are residing in places that are marshy, you may want to own one to complement your dressing , ” he added.

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