Road Renovation In Oshodi: An Unprecedented Nightmare To Commuters


Oshodi is a strategic point for businesses and residents of Lagos. Unfortunately, a complete lane was cordoned off the highway on the bridge, last Saturday. This was done without prior warming to commuters, going by the frustrating traffic on same road. It is expected that, the town being a commercial and transportation centre for people in the state, announcement should have been made in the media, 1-2 days earlier, to alert commuters to the impeding blockage.

Since the blockage was to allow for more construction work to be carried out, the announcement would have helped road users take alternative routes to avoid being held up unnecessary.

Failure to do the right thing meant movement within a 4-Kilometre distance took 2 hours. In other words, a trip that should have lasted between 1-2 minutes ended up taking 2 hours and more. That was a painful loss of man-hour, and sales income, for those rushing to their shops or business meetings. And who knows if an emergency ambulance was conveying someone to hospital along that lane.

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority could have done better by making a public broadcast about the road closure and construction work, in order to alert unsuspecting commuters to plan their movement wisely.

Commuters in Lagos are usually subjected to frustrating experiences on the highway due to traffic jams. Like the experience last Friday, the misery was caused by poor construction management.

LASTMA should improve their operations to improve the lifestyle of road users. This can be done by ensuring proper management of construction schedules around popular routes.

Oshodi has an estimated population of over 1 million people. With Lagos population generally put at 17 million, closing a popular route, to over 1 million people and more, is always going to end up in chaos.

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