Renting or Leasing Property? See 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Realtor

Realtors, why you should use their services

Searching for an apartment to rent without going through an agent or realtor might sound like a fun thing to do because it is likely going to save you some costs. However, while this might save you money, it leaves you open to mistakes and regrets.

Imagine a top CEO boycotting the services of a financial advisor, trying to rent an apartment without using a property agent makes you vulnerable. Homeowners are largely men/women who expect to cash in on their property by making as much money as they can, regardless of the condition of the house, its location, facilities and other details that a real estate agent would naturally be on the lookout for.

You should, however, bear in mind that using property agents has both advantages and disadvantages for you as a renter, but the merits far outweigh the demerits.

Here are five reasons why you should use a realtor while renting an apartment.

  • A Realtor Helps Absorb Pressure

Instead of putting yourself into unnecessary pressure in meeting with a property owner to negotiate rent, the property agent takes this pressure off you by being the middle man.

Going back and forth with a property owner can be very demanding, especially if you are dealing with an aggressive landlord who is highly skilled in the art of negotiation. Remember that an agent knows the market and what is generally obtainable.

The realtor also ensures that emotions are kept under check as direct involvement with an emotional landlord could stand in the way of what could be a good deal for you.

  • A Realtor Brings More Options

A real estate agent will ensure that you get a richer pool of alternative apartments to choose from as opposed to searching by yourself. Regardless of your preferences, an agent has a strong network of property owners who are looking to rent out their homes and you can always rely on this to get several apartments to choose from.

  • You Can Buy Experience

Using property agents does not only give you a wider pool of apartments to choose from, you also get to enjoy the benefits that come with working with someone whose experience is strong enough to give you a reliable history of the apartments under consideration.

The agent will also be on the lookout for anything that can constitute a red flag and ensure you are making informed decisions. When it comes to pricing, the value of an agent cannot be overstated. Instead of guessing or falling into the trap of greedy homeowners, the agent will let you know what you typically should be paying for an apartment.

A realtor is likely going to share market insights and knowledge with you. This would definitely help you secure a better deal from the property owner.

  • A Realtor Saves Time

How much time would you have to sacrifice if you were to visit different locations/ neighbourhoods to check out apartments? That would require an awful amount of time. One way to avoid dedicating so much time to such a search is to work with a realtor.

You can save even more time by ensuring that you are very clear on what you want. When the agent asks you for what you want, it is advisable that you are precise with your response. Technology has made everything simple now. You can do a WhatsApp video call with your agent when he’s gone out to search for available apartments.

  • Helps Finalize the Legal Aspect

Renting an apartment has a legal side to it too. It is not enough to simply pay for an apartment and move in 3 days after. There are vital documents and charges involved in renting an apartment. For instance, before you rent an apartment, you need to sign a rent agreement.

Going through the entire process of renting an apartment by yourself puts you in a situation where the landlord has room to have the upper hand. This might not really matter if the homeowner is a straightforward person. However, in a case where the landlord is shady, you might get burnt later on.

In sum, a realtor or real estate agent can save you a lot of headache; go ahead and use their services.


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