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Rebranding The Skin Bleaching Business


As manufacturers perfect image clean up for good old skin bleaching, to more acceptable skin toning, Cobra Review asks what has changed?

Bleaching cream earned a heightened popularity in the eighties when light skin tone appeared to be the insignia for success, wealth and fame. Besides that, fair skin appears to be more appealing to most people because it is considered attractive.

A lot of ladies and even guys who fancy fair skin as an edge to looking attractive and beautiful to their opposite sex, were thrilled to find that they could tone from their natural dark skin to a desired light skin at a not so expensive cost, since they could easily pick some soap or cream concocted on the streets or from the open market.

The resultant effect however, was a high case of obvious skin discoloration, skin burn, degrees of skin deformity and even skin cancer.

This reaction was due to the high content of harmful ingredients contained in the bleaching creams. This incidence spurred the demand for less harmful bleaching creams. So manufacturers in turn, cashed in on it by flooding the markets with creams containing less acidic, high sounding chemical components and called them “skin toning” creams.

Unfortunately, consumers jumped at the products without considering the side effects of the active ingredients contained in them. For instance, products like Caro white and Fair and white gold contain hydroquinone as their main active ingredient which are considered harmful to the body.

It might interest you to know that in India, more than half of the women use bleaching creams daily because the appeal for fair skin is a strong cultural issue which is reflected in their caste systems.

Asians and Africans are not left out in this light skin frenzy.

Most users argue that “toning isn’t exactly bleaching” because the side effects appear to be minimal. What they do not know is that many skin lightening creams contain hydroquinone, steroids and even mercuty compound which are all harmful to the body.

Prolonged use of these products can cause damaging effect on the skin and even affect the hormonal balance of the user’s body.

Manufacturers usually will not disclose all the ingredients they use in production so it is possible that they have included ingredients that may be harmful to your body, all in the bid to achieve very fast and effective results.

So next time you go shopping for a bleaching or skin toning cream, please look closely at the list of ingredients to be sure that you’re not exposing your body to harmful ingredients.

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