OPay customer promo goes bananas

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May 2019, a new and innovative on-demand motorbike hailing service ORide, owned by OPay, launched its services in Lagos, Nigeria with immediate expansion plans across the country.

Driven by technology, the motorbike hailing service is accessible via the OPay app – a super app that’s available on Android and iOS, with features that cater for a range of lifestyle demands including food order and delivery, utility bills payment, cash access and more.

Although, its initial operations was flagged off in Lagos, but OPay has since expanded its services into other cities like Ibadan, Abeokuta, etc.

Although, ORide isn’t the first bike hailing service in the country, its ability to proffer solution to a myriad of transport challenges, while also offering flexible payments via cash, card, or through the OPay app makes it a brand to beat.

The company kick-started its operations in June 2019 with a promo which gave passengers the privilege to pay just N200 on any trip, a move that gave OPay wide positive perception and customer loyalty, endearing the heart of consumers to it at the same time.

Two months after, August precisely, the Motorbike hailing service announced another promo, this time, passengers are given a whopping 90% discount on ride trips.

The promo, CobraReview understands is geared towards enhancing sales and consumer loyalty. However, ironically, while passengers are happy with the company over the move, the riders are disgruntled about it, stating that the consumer incentive has brought more financial grief than good to them.

The riders in their numbers on Monday, September 9, 2019, aired their grievances to CobraReview, stating that the new promo service is frustrating their efforts.

“When the company rolled out its first promo in June, where passengers pay just N200 on every trip, there was no complain from any angle. But the promo they started in August is really hitting on us the riders. We now work more, so we could meet up with our daily remission of N3,000, because these bikes are given to us on a hire purchase agreement,” one of the riders lamented.

Another rider who refused to mention his name, said the company is cheating them (riders), as it has backtracked from the initial agreement they both signed. “It’s now a matter of ‘Work like jackal, eat like ants’ for us. You can imagine, when a customer orders for a ride through the Opay app, the customer will be charged meager amount, while we riders would be shown higher rate to encourage us to pick the orders, but when we get to the destination, the amount to be paid by customer would be far lesser than what we saw initially. How then do we meet up with our daily remissions?” the rider queried.

In the same vein, one of the rider who brought one of our staff to the office on Monday says the current incentive is at their (riders’) detriment.

“This 90% discount promo that have been on since August is killing us. We now have to triple our efforts so we meet up our daily remissions. We remit N3,000 daily. Either you see customers or not, you must pay, else, they will collect the bike from you,” he adds.

“We are not saying they shouldn’t do promo, but it shouldn’t be at our own detriment. Two days ago, I took one customer from Maryland to Ijegun. Before I picked him, I saw N1,400 on the app, but when we got to Ijegun, that’s after spending over an hour on the road due to traffic, the app then read N365. The worst thing is that, it is from this small money that our daily remissions would be removed,” he concluded.

Speaking with CobraReview, one of the riders who simply addresses himself as Kazeem, says the firm’s management has defaulted on the agreement stipulated in their contract.

He said: “When we were given these bikes, we were told we won’t be buying association tickets, but now we buy tickets. When I contacted my manager to complain about the ticket issue, he made it clear to me that I should sort out myself. This is very bad, and it’s very saddening.”

Judging by the riders’ outcry, should we say Opay is selling itself to the people and gaining more patronage at the riders’ expense? Does it mean the motorbike hailing firm is more concerned about its business and careless for the executors (riders)? Is there no way these riders could be made to benefit from the promotion? Is Opay on the right path with this act? These and many more are the critical questions begging for answers.

The ORide 90% discount is an incentive which is currently ongoing, which may or may not last very long. However, whether the riders will have the patience to wait as it last is a question that cannot be determined for now.

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  1. So OPay riders are not on monthly salary! Are you for real?
    Didn’t know this until now. Thank You @cobrareview for this expository.

    Now to the topic. I will simply advice OPay’s management to look into the matter and stop treating it’s riders with disdain. Profiting & gaining prominence @ the riders’ expense is quite bad. Opay shud take cue from Gokada. They shouldn’t be carried away with their present prominence.

    Once again, thank you Cobrareview for this insightful story.
    I think it’s time I bookmark this blog.
    I love this story and the other one on TStv. Thumbs up 👍 guys.

  2. Chinese companies and their ‘work like Jacko, eat like ant’ style. I’m not surprised. I know all those promos, some people must be suffering it.
    But TBH, these poor riders shouldn’t be the ones suffering this fate. @Opay, change ur way quick ooh.

    Thank you for exposing this chinko people

  3. I didn’t know those bikes were on hire purchase until now.
    OPay shud stop their promo, or find a way to involve their riders on the programme.
    Very insightful story, I must say.
    More ideas on your head, more ink on your pen 🖋 and more data on your phone /computer Olubenx { Continue repping Uniben}

  4. Nothing goes for nothing.
    Ordinary promo that would in turn fetch them passengers, their riders are still suffering it. Chinko and cheat.
    They forget that, just like Gokada, they can still go into oblivion.

    #StopTheInjustice @Opay.

  5. Are you for real?
    I thought those riders are on monthly salaries scale ooh.
    3k daily with the 50 naira, 300 naira payments? Habba!

  6. This story is real. One of the riders that picked me yesterday lamented bitterly to me. In fact, I was ashamed of OPay’s management. How could they be so inhumane? If you want to start off a promo, why not find a way round it so your riders (who are remitting 3k daily) won’t suffer?
    This isn’t fair on the part of OPay. You guys can do better.
    Thank you 🙌 for taking up this responsibility. I pray they see this and do well. These riders are really repping them well.

  7. How true is this?

    Haven’t seen any of them grumble sha ooh.

    But if this is true, then the management need rethink and re-act

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    Follow the link below to reach my website and check out its contents. Please let me know if this okay with you. Many Thanks!

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