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Of Men, Dark Chocolates & Libido – Vigor Chocolate to the Rescue


Vigor Chocolate is probably the most popular kind of chocolate among Nigerian men between the age bracket of 25 and 45. This 25mg power pack aphrodisiac is not favoured for the sake of eating chocolates though, on the contrary, users rely on its enhancement of their sex drive and improved arousal.

A young man claimed that it is everything he expected, plus his woman now respects him as the head of the house.

Another anonymous user said that it works well to put him in the right mood. And some other men affirm that they are able to carry on for about four hours when they use Vigor.

Pharmacy and store owners who we spoke to have observed that a lot of young men prefer Vigor chocolate to Viagra.

Some users have complained  however, of such side effects as headache, dizziness, yawning and sleepiness some hours after consumption, while others worry about its likelihood to do damage to their reproductive organs.

This dark chocolate comes in a 25mg bar, which has been fortified with natural ingredients and herbs, such as ginseng, ginger, soy lecithin, hazelnut, pistachio and sesame. Each of these either improve blood flow or libido.

These should make Vigor qualify as a safe organic aphrodisiac, but the FDA states that the drug contains sulfaildenafil, a priscription drug ingredient similar to sildenafil, which is found in Viagra.

The agency warns that this sex enhancer can pose possible dangerous interactions with nitrates and cause low blood pressure, putting its users at major health risk.

Ultimately, an overall lifestyle change, eating the right food and fruits will normally help to boost a man’s virility and position him for satisfying sexual activity.


Uche Onunkwo
I am Uche Onunkwo, an optimistic journalist with a flair for adventures. I am a presenter, a writer, storyteller, an editor, and a voice over artist.


  1. How do you eat this chocolate? Can someone eat the complete bar or does it have a prescribed dosage you can break the 4″ bar ?

    1. Not more than one bar in 72 hours, preferably just one bar in a week. It causes headaches and long term use can eventually lead to Erectile Dysfunction without it. In simple terms, don’t use it all the time. just once in a while.

      1. Thanks for this, I hope other men will follow this advise for their safety.

  2. I found it exciting

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