New Nike Ad: What Philosophy Drives Your Favorite Brands?


Brands and products serve as means to an end for most consumers. This is why most of the great brands are driven by a strong philosophy that taps the innermost desires of consumers. Such innermost desires score high when consumers pull their wallet and part with with their precious earnings in exchange for automobile, sport kits, casual clothes, shoes, beverages, mobile phones etc. In the end the brand philosophy such as success, freedom, beauty, faithfulness, love, friendship, fun, wealth and more, supported by unique functionality and efficient distribution channels, help businesses forge the necessary relationship that keep products from moving beyond maturity into decline.

Notable brand philosophies that tap consumers’ innermost desire and serve as fitting means to an end, are Coca Cola’s “I am always HAPPY”, Fedex’s “Hey, I Keep my PROMISE”, Apple’s “I am COOL and FUN”, IBM’s “I am PROFESSIONAL”, and NIKE’s “I can ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE”. Precisely, on a subconscious level, those are the marketing gimmicks that sell the products.

Because of its far-reaching influences on the careers of most young athletes over 2 decades, Nike merchandise have stretched beyond the confine of tracks and field. It has stretched its arc into almost all the facets of life itself due to the ‘spirit of can-do’. generated by the unique philosophy tied to the brand.

The good thing is, when Nike decides to celebrate individual achievement of excellence, it does so cautiously –by featuring largely athletes who have proven records of dedication and commitment to consistent improvement, or attachment to relevant issues as can be seen in ‘Air’ Jordan, Serena Williams, and the bold former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

The sports, and now lifestyle, manufacturing firm tries not to attach its ‘CAN-DO’ philosophy to any individual but the inner drive of each athlete who wears a Nike kit. That is brilliant considering how the Anthony Joshua GLO ads blew up in the face of the telecommunications company when the Briton-Nigerian lost unexpectedly to Fabián Ruiz.

Since everyone wants to attain excellence; beat the impossible and leave naysayers in the dust, Nike keeps renewing its proposition to strengthen the ‘CAN-DO’ philosophy.

Here is the latest ad from the American company. The ad celebrates as well as inspires women to stretch their limits and do the impossible – hope Nigeria Breweries will learn something from this and do something better next time with Amstel Malt. Enjoy!

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Toyin Afilaka
Toyin Afilaka writes with simplicity and insight. He has a PR and brand marketing background. He has worked previously at MarketingMix, IGW Entertainment (Germany), and BrandFootPrint. He managed the MTN Project Fame between 2012 and 2015. Toyin loves travelling, writing, reading; and he treasures integrity.


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