The N1m Fast-Folding Mastery of Gocycle GX Electric Bike

Gocycle GX, electric bicycle

A great electric commuter bike, boosted with the practicality of a folding mechanism; the Gocycle GX is so much more convenient to store and transport, while retaining a distinctive style and all its attractive features. It is expensive, but it’s also a lot of bike for the asking price.

Electric bikes are unique gadgets, appealing to a wide-range of users. At one end of the scale are those looking for a commuting solution that lets them ditch the emissions and congestion of a car, at the other end of the scale are those who want the mobility and ease that an electric bike offers.

Excellent design

The hallmark of Gocycle are features like the clean drive which means there are no parts to catch the hem of your suit or leave an oily chain mark on your leg, there’s also that small wheel, low frame design.

Gocycle GX, electric bicycle

Riding the Gocycle GX is very much like riding other electric bikes but the major difference is the frame material, allowing for a design that means you basically fold the bike in half. The folding action involves two major steps: releasing the catch that lets the handlebars fold down; and, releasing the catch that lets you fold the bike in half, You can also fold the pedals to make it more compact too.

Smooth Movement

The Gocycle adds its electric power when you pedal the bike, drawing from the internal battery within the frame. You simply start pedaling and after a few rotations you’ll feel the motor’s input, easing you up to the bike’s top speed and you can also get it to go faster all thanks to the gearing with your legs doing less work –  unlike the old-fashioned bike. There are also disc brakes to bring you to a quick stop when moving too fast.

The battery is good for about 40 miles (60km) of range, although this depends on how you ride and how much pedal input you put in. The battery takes seven hours to charge, which is rather slow – especially as the Gocycle GXi offers faster charging – so you’ll have to remember to charge overnight if you have a long commute.

The Gocycle Gx Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect the bike to your smartphone app and allows you to keep track of various features. It can monitor the distance you’ve cycled and will let you change some of the behaviour of the bike, while also allowing you to update the bike’s firmware.

The Gocycle GX will likely become Gocycle’s most popular model because it’s clean, nice to ride and easy to store with its folding convenience. With the high demand for electric bikes, the Gocycle GX is available for $2,800 ( 1 million naira roughly).

If you’re looking for a foldable electric bike, then you should take a look at the Gocycle GX.


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