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Morning Fresh: Efficient Dish-washer Or Mere Pretty Fragrances?

morning fresh

Morning Fresh is manufactured by PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc, a part of a multinational consumer goods business, PZ Cussons Plc. The organization manufactures and distributes some famous brands in the Nigerian market such as Imperial Leather, Cussons Baby, Haier Thermocool and Robb. The product come in five core categories – personal care, beauty, home care, food and nutrition and electrical.

Morning Fresh has been in existence world-wide since 1980 and even though the organization claims it’s Nigeria’s number 1 dish-washing brand, some consumers feel otherwise. Notwithstanding, the product has been improved over the years to meet new tastes and desires among users. The product has also managed to retain market dominance even with the entrant of new competitors.

The product can be found in every upscale and middle-of-the-rung kitchen and restaurant. According to the maker, Morning Fresh is very good for  cleaning tough stains on dishes. It said, “Every drop of morning fresh liquid has the power to clean  dishes effectively than every ordinary liquid”.

Over the years, PZ has launched several ranges and varieties of the brand to meet new expectations. The brand comes in 3 different formulas which are ultimate, advanced, and antibacterial, all said to be concentrated and suitable for everyday cleaning of dishes, cookware, stainless steel and crockery. As well, these formulas come with different flavors of fragrance which form an essential part of the product. These flavors  are original, lemon, lime, jasmine, and limited edition sweet pea and freesia which are all available in 400ml and 900ml bottles.

One of the consumer that uses the product said, “A few drops of Morning Fresh would clean greasy pans even in tepid water. Now a tablespoon won’t cut through grease even in super hot water. It’s become much cheaper lately – always on special at the supermarket – and the reason is obvious. The interesting aspect of this is that we’d used the product unquestioningly for 25 years, and even though the deterioration started a few years ago we just kept buying it out of habit. I was even wondering whether it was the rain water we used that caused the poor performance!”

“This Morning Fresh doesn’t even deserve 1 star. This product doesn’t work at all. Try to wash Decor containers and non-stick pan to see what I mean. The containers will still be as oily and greasy after rubbing, rinsing 3 times in a row. Totally garbage,” said an angry customer.

Another user said, “I have been using a very well known dish-washing liquid for years and I recently discovered the Morning Fresh, concentrated dish-washing liquid. Compared to the brand (Palmolive) I was using for years (that I noticed that has dropped their quality; need to use a lot to get a good wash) Morning Fresh concentrated liquid performed extra ordinarily well. It is value for money as it lasts lot longer than other brands.”

However this consumer believes that Morning Fresh has lost its quality, hear him, “It used to cut through greasy washing up with a single squirt. Not any more. Rubbish, but the cost is the same. You are all so greedy.”

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