Miracast App: How to turn your smart TV to a Projector


Flat screen Television is fast going beyond using it to watch the various channels that it could be tuned into. The TV can actually do much more productive engagements in the office other than watching the news and other TV stations.

The Smart TV is innovatively taking up the function of the digital projector screen which is used to display presentations at meetings and events. Same thing goes for the computer.

Miracast Wifi Display app is a revolutionary technology that allows for the wireless connection between compatible devices for purposes of casting media across them. It was first launched in the year 2012, and has quickly become a leading tool, and has made HDMI technology become almost-obsolete when it comes to usability and convenience.

The app helps you cast android device screen to TV screen (or computer screen as the case may be) by wireless display device such as Smart TV or Wireless display adapters.

The interesting part of this innovation is however the fact that it is fast, easy to connect wirelessly, and the display is awesome, just like the TV. Miracast also support computer as projecting screen. If your computer comes with Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, it should support Miracast.

Miracast Wireless is usually given the slogan “technology over WiFi” because it allows two devices to connect through a direct WiFi connection. This is why the two devices are able to connect without using a cable. Basically, the use of cables is not necessary when you have the Miracast app.

Do you want to try this? Follow these easy steps:

1. Download Miracast via play store on either your mobile device or laptop

2. Switch on the Smart TV

3. Get a Bluetooth connector to the TV

4. Click on the mobile app already downloaded on your device

5. After the App has scanned click “skip”

6. Click “start” then “screen mirroring

7. Click “Start mirroring”.

8. At this point, it automatically connects with the TV and can start your presentation.

Pros of using miracast

It is easy to use
It allows for display of screen of mobile phones that have no WiFi ability
You can use the free version to test before you upgrade to the paid version
It has two independent HDCP patches allowing to enable and reboot the mirroring
It works on the widest range of Android mobile devices

Cons of miracast)

It has a lot of bugs, and many customers say it has connection issues

Prior to the amazing discovery, whenever I had any presentation to make, it was a big deal getting to carry a projector and then a screen to clients’ office to make presentations but with this amazing, interesting and innovative finding, I can tell you that in no time the projectors will start to gather some dust at the sales store.

What is innovation and technology after all if not to make life easier and more meaningful? The combination of the Miracast app and the smart TV just did.

However, it should be noted that the app when tested runs on Samsung, HTC, Sony phones, iphones etc but some devices do not work with this app as it only support android from 4.2 and above.

To Download Miracast, Cick here.

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