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How to Make a Statement With Your Aso Ebi on Your Big Day

Aso-ebi, Aso Ebi

Aso Ebi can be described as a key part of most Nigerian weddings; it is a tradition that has come to stay.

The way it makes the event groovy; creates a somewhat uniform look for guests and generally makes the guest look beautiful and attractive, it is safe to say that weddings feel incomplete without Aso Ebi.

Regardless of tribe or religion, the importance of Aso-Ebi to the average Nigerian socialite and party rockers can’t be exaggerated.

But what is Aso Ebi?

Aso-Ebi is a Yoruba coinage meaning ‘Cloth of the family’. It is a uniform clothing worn by parents and friends of the couple. It serves as a symbol of togetherness and unity between family members and friends during special occasions.

This ‘family uniform’ can come in different fabrics:

Aso-ebi, Aso Ebi

Ankara is a versatile material and can be used for hats, bags and blazers. This is 100% cotton fabric with colourful prints and patterns. It is commonly referred to as African wax or Holland wax.

Organza: This soft and silk-like fabric is known for its beauty. The material is usually bright and colourful.

Lace: Lace fabric is classy, elegant and usually one colour, making it distinct.

Aso-Oke: This cloth is often hand-woven and worn for chieftaincy ceremonies, festivals, engagements and other events.

Factors to consider before choosing Aso-Ebi for your wedding


When it comes to slaying, Colour is very important, Aso Ebi colours can make or mar even the nicest of outfits.

Most times an event has a theme. You have to choose a colour that matches your theme. There are colours in vogue, there are some that shouldn’t be worn during certain seasons. Therefore, you have to know which colour matches your occasion, and which colour matches your style, and above all, a colour that is in trend.

Try not to insert too many colours into your Aso-Ebi combination. You should probably leave it at a maximum of three.

Aso-ebi, Aso Ebi

Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding determines the way everyone looks that day. Take into consideration, the wedding theme before choosing your Aso Ebi. Your theme and fabric should match other. Try to ascertain the availability of a particular colour in the market before choosing it as part of your wedding theme.


In determining the amount you will spend to purchase your fabrics, you also need to consider the financial strength of the friends and family you want to purchase them for. You wouldn’t want to get the cheap fabric that no one would want to have in their wardrobe, neither would you want to get high-priced materials that most attendees can’t afford. Set your standard, as this remains your wedding and no one else’s, but be considerate.

Aso-ebi, Aso Ebi


Tradition is important when selecting Aso-Ebi for your special day. Your culture and ethnic group will hint you on the type of Aso-Ebi to go for.

Aso-Ebi fabrics could vary. Enquiring from elders within your family about the customs of your people would enable you to decide on which fabric options are best suited to you.


The durability of the fabric allows it to stand the test of time.

You need to understand the concept of ‘Quality beats Quantity’. Genuine fabrics are preferred because they will serve as memorabilia to your guests, There are a lot of Fabric vendors out there who offer good quality materials that wouldn’t even break the bank. The most expensive fabric is usually deemed to be the one with the most quality, but this is not necessarily always the case. You need to go fabric shopping with someone who is experienced in fabric shopping to avoid being cheated.Aso-ebi, Aso Ebi


After choosing your Aso Ebi, make sure that the trader has available, the maximum quantity you’re demanding. Bargain with him if it falls short and ensure that he gets more of the said fabric, before your special day. You can also reach a compromise with the vendor to procure more fabrics from the merchant if it is in limited supply.


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