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Lipton: The Good You Know, The Bad You Don’t Know


Tea is good for the human body. They are mostly sourced from certain types of leaves. The leaf from which each is obtained has been used to categorise the beverage. Therefore there are 5 types of tea. They are Black tea, White tea, Green tea, Oolong tea and Puerh tea. What makes each type of tea an essential beverage is the antioxidant properties present in them. These properties accelerate the rate at which the body burns fat to provide energy for the muscle to withstand physical activities that require endurance.

The brands of tea in the Nigeria market presently essentially include Lipton, Tetley, Bigelow and Dilma. We also have many other organic teas such as Twinning, Numi and more. However, going by market popularity, Lipton has become a household brand.

Lipton tea is produced from the leaves of camelia sinensis, a plant that is common in India and China. Because of its origin, Lipton is considered as Black Tea. Lipton tea can also be said to be an american favorite tea because of its rich taste, intense colour and invigorating aroma. The tea is packed in bags made from manila hemp and cellulose fibres. Before serving, it can be prepared by carefully placing the tea bag into a boiling cup of water, depending on the quantity one wants, then leaving it for 3 to 5 minutes to simmer, before removing the tea bag. One can also add sugar, but it is mostly enjoyed with milk.

Lipton tea also contains some amount of caffeine. It’s also available in different flavours such as orange passion fruit, jasmine, purple acai blueberry, white mangosteen peach, cranberry, pomegranate, lemon ginseng, and red goji raspberry.

Precisely, there are various reasons why lipton is found on every dinning table. Here are some of them:

1) Lipton tea help boost the human immune system. The antioxidant properties of the camelia sinensis leaf increases the level of the body fuel by accelerating the rate at which the body burns fat.

2) Lipton tea reduces the risk of heart attack. And also help to protect the body against cardiovascular and degenerative disease.

3) It increases fluid intake. Drinking a cup of lipton tea can increase fluid adding to the water content in the body system. It also a great way to quench one’s thirst and avoid dehydration.

4) Lipton help maintain healthy skin. Because of the level of antioxidants present in black tea, drinking tea helps the body get rid of free radicals. Free radicals can destroy the skin tissues and make it lose its firmness.

5) The product also aids digestion. Researches have proven that the active components in tea can improve metabolism and soothes the bowel movement in the digestive tract.

6) It helps to fight against cancer. According to Google Heathline nutrition studies, it has been proved that lipton tea can fight against prostate cancer in men, through the antioxidant in the tea.

7) It helps in the reduction of cholesterol. The presence of flavonoids and antioxidants in Lipton tea help reduce cholesterol or bad fats that can increase the risk of blood vessels thickening, and heart disease.

8) It boosts liver and kidney function. Drinking tea can help the body to detoxify harmful toxins in the liver and helps the liver to function properly. It also prevents the kidney from developing gall stone in the long run.

While we have talked about the good sides of drinking lipton tea, it is also imperative to look at its side effects or bad sides if taken in excess. These side effects include:

1) Sleep Problems – Caffeine Informer, an online platform that rates products based on their Caffeine level, wrote that each Lipton black tea bag contains 55mg of caffeine. Franscisca Spritzler, an American certified nutritionist and dietician, caffiene despite its advantages, has some adverse effects. Among those adverse effects are insomnia or the inability

2) Dizziness – Marcia Veach, an active care professional with over 30-year experience, said blood volume or hypovolemia, caused by caffeine reduces the flow of blood, to the brain. The effect is dizziness.

3) Nervousness- Also, Susan Bowling, a Psychologist at the Women Center in Chicago, explained that consuming more than 200mg of caffiene can increase nervousness and anxiety, in people who are allergic to caffeine.

However, the side effects only manifest when one drinks more than four (4) cups of tea per day for a long period of time.

Lipton is a British Brand of tea, owned by Unilever. The brand is named after its founder Sir Thomas Lipton in 1890. Lipton is also known as the world best selling tea and it has been in existence for over 100 years. It’s also available in over 100 countries.

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  1. Nice Article

  2. I take a lot of Lipton tea , is it possible it affects the womb .?

  3. I take Lipton twice a day, morning and night,and I’ve been having night headache…hope it won’t cause any damage?

  4. The sides effect is mostly dizziness. But it’s usually take two cups of it per day, morning and night to balance your immune system.

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