Interior Designers Urged to Embrace Collaboration at Annual Conference

Interior designers

Interior designers met at the second edition of Blueprint conference themed: Collaboration within the interior design industry. The event had different panelists who are professionals in the industry in attendance.

Ogochukwu Agu (Creative Director BnB Living) spoke on the need to encourage healthy collaboration which includes interaction between people with same goals and mindset; taking away trust issues. According to her, the industry is an untapped resources creator, and with appropriate collaborations, it would become lucrative for all and sundry.

She suggested that every member needs to have common access to ideas, capital, and client bank in a transparent way. The bank connotes generality of purpose. In order to create a viable and excellent resource, interior decorators need to act in the most transparent way.

Olawale Ayilara (C.E.O Landwey Investment Limited) buttressed the theme by speaking on the goals and benefits of collaboration, as nobody is an island of knowledge and skills. She made it clear that its either one innovates ideas or remains stagnant as practices are evolving with technological advancements, hence appropriate designs yield profitability and wide reach.

Interior designers

Joy Shittu Igbodike (C.E.O Jaebee Furniture) spoke about every one creating a niche and capitalising on its strength as it gives one an edge. The level of expectation between collaborators should be at par as both need each other for survival.

Deise Smith (Award winning interior designer of residential and commercial spaces) spoke on Intellectual property, and proper collaboration between new entrants in the industry and existing members – so  long as a proper MOU is drawn up for the collaboration and the terms properly spelt out such as Value share considerations, Profit sharing etc.

winner of elevation challenge

A centralised dispute resolution process was also encouraged as dispute and crisis are inevitable.

The event came to  a close with awards which were given to various people in the hall.

Special gifts were handed over to Little Saints Orphanage, as donated by Floorkraft Ltd. Mariam Balogun also received N200,000 as winner of an elevation competition.


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