Hubmart And Prince Ebeano: Great Superstores, Poor Services?


Hubmart and Prince Ebeano are 2 great superstores. The stores operate differently but share some similarities.  They sell home appliances, groceries, pharmaceutical products, furniture, cosmetics, baby foods, beverages, toiletries and more.

Prince Ebeano’s Village Market is considered innovative

Hubmart currently operates in Lagos, but planning to expand to Abuja. Meanwhile Ebeano owns outlets in Lagos and Abuja. The retailers are strategically located in upscale areas. For instance in Lagos, their stores can be found in Ikeja, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki.

Let us take a deeper look into the 2 stores.

Hubmart Stores Limited is a retail chain-store. As part of its unique customer proposition, it promises to deliver excellent customer service and provide deeper choice and capabilities in the fresh food categories.  It therefore operates sub-brands/ sections such as HubDeli (Fast Food Eatery), HubCafé, and HubCare (Health & Beauty). It also consistently delights with special promos. Its pay off is – ‘Happy to Help… Always’.

The retailer seeks to maintain partnership, and build lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, staff, host communities and regulatory authorities. It recognizes the changing needs of the Nigerian shoppers; and is poised to meet the needs of shoppers by simplifying its offerings, in addition to fostering ease of access, control, and value for money.

This is why it operates under sub-brands such as:

HubDeli – It sells ready cooked meals such as pastries, quick meals, burgers, French fries, small chops, sandwiches and lots more.  This section opens for service at 8:00am and closes at 9:00pm daily.

Hubcare -This section caters to customer’s health and beauty needs. It sells beauty, cosmetics, and personal hygiene products.

HubCafe – Represents a modern and vibrant approach to celebrating Africa’s coffee heritage. It serves hot drinks comprising iced coffee, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate drinks. It also sells smoothies and fresh juice, in a cool and cozy atmosphere. This section is not fully operation though.

More, the security at the store is not bad. Officers are placed at the entrance to check theft and facilitate ease of entry and exit. Cars are considerably safe inside a well maintained parking lot carefully watched by the security staff.

The attendants inside the store are also friendly. In addition, there is a mega screen at the store’s restaurant for those who enjoy live soccer matches.

However, Hubmart still has a lot to do in terms of spread. Shoppers are mobile these days. They are seeking experience at very possible point. It is important that management expand its retail footprint beyond Lagos to other viable locations so that customers who change locations can keep enjoying the services at the sections.

Prince Ebeano supermarket is a superstore driven by enterprise and a pioneering spirit. It promises to keep evolving to serve even more communities in Nigeria and West Africa. It said it approaches business in a transparent manner. According to them, the focus is not merely growth and success but to build a viable workforce of youth that are gainfully employed and successful even while in paid employment.

The store boasts of unparalleled expertise and commitment to sourcing good quality products with unbeatable prices and discounts. That is why its prices are competitive; the shelves well stocked labeled. It also rewards customers with loyal cards. The parking space is large enough for shoppers driving into its stores. Besides, at the entrance, there is access ramp for the disabled, making the store all-inclusive. The management runs a store-wide radio station. That is interestingly innovative.

However security at Prince Ebeano stores still needs some work. Shoppers should be frisked and screened to detect those carrying harmful objects. Presently none of that is being done yet. Unlike the entrances at malls where Shoprite sells, there are no visible metal detection devices to raise alarm when vicious customers make entry into the stores.

Inside the Abuja outlet

Based on personal observations, the services at the stores will need to be upgraded. Sometimes the air conditioners are not cool enough inside the stores – may be they are not working properly. The attendants too are not as friendly as you find at some other stores. The loyalty card offered by the store can hardly be used across other locations. At the till, the use of POS is not smooth enough. This is not to take anything from the deep assortment, and especially the Village Market, a fine concept at that, put in place by the management of Prince Ebeano store to help urbane shoppers buy fresh produce. But of course, it is important that adjustment and upgrade be made where necessary before the lapses lead to shoppers shunning Ebeano outlets .

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