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House Of Freedah: Enhanced Bleaching or Drawing Ladies Closer to the Grave?


House of Freedah Body Care and Spa is a brand that renders spa services and lightening products for ladies who desire to tone their skin and also change their skin colour. They are located on Akerele Road and Adeniran Ogunsanya in Surulere, Lagos State.

The House of Freedah Body Care has come up with a chemical mix that peels off the first layer of the human skin, thus making the skin look whiter. This chemical is poured in a bathtub and the client is asked to soak herself for about 30 minutes after which a plastic spatula is used to scrape off the top layer of the skin. And this procedure is done for thirty thousand Naira (N30,000).

House of Freedah Body Care on social media posted a video of one of their bleaching sessions and our attention was drawn to it. CobraReview did research to find out people’s (mostly women’s) position on this method of bleaching and why there is need to bleach the skin. These were their responses;

No sane person can want this done please, not when they have seen how it is done. Trust me if I tell you that lady didn’t know this is how it will be done, she wouldn’t have agreed to do it, God forbid.’

How can someone get herself cooked like that, what kind of madness is this?’

‘If the owner of this chemical company cannot enter it, then she shouldn’t put people in it. This is crazy. The person rendering the bleaching service is black (dark skinned).’

‘It is very sad. I don’t think they even know the severity of what they are doing.’

‘They are really clueless. Our skin protects us so peeling it off is peeling our protection. By the time they realize it, it will be too late.’

However, while many are against bleaching of the skin, there are some who are presently doing this, and there are those who have the intention of bleaching their skin.

Some women are excited about this new ‘treatment’ the spa offers but are ignorant of the health risk that can occur after doing this procedure. It would appear that none of them has sat back to ask: what kind of chemical is this? Is it safe? And, do I really need to do this?

Well, I would like to draw our attention to my previous review of skincare products containing mercury and hydroquinone banned by Nafdac because these chemicals lead to cases of skin cancer and kidney problems. Mercury and hydroquinone are the two major ingredients used in making formulas for skin bleaching and more than 1.5% of thse chemicals shouldn’t be present in any product as instructed by scientists and Nafdac. These chemicals also damage the respiratory and reproductive systems.

Now, the big question: Do the women who undergo the procedure of having the first layer of their skin removed (all in the name of having a more radiant look) know the amount of hydroquinone or mercury contained in the chemicals they get soaked in, in order to get an instant peel off of their skin? I doubt it.

See the ‘chemical soak/bath’ Bleaching video below:


This ‘chemical bath’ which House of Freedah is engaging in is obviously harsher than bleaching creams and soaps. The instant whitening of the skin is enough evidence of its effect, but will this deter the myriad women who want to have glowing skin at whatever expense?

Medical practitioners have repeatedly said that it is not safe to bleach the skin. This is because by bleaching the skin, one is exposed to health issues. The skin is likely to have irritations, easy penetration of chemicals could cause internal damage to the system and in the case of any injury, the skin has difficulty in healing.

Granted, most people feel more confident with clear, even skin. However, there is no health benefit to skin bleaching. Results aren’t guaranteed and there’s evidence that skin lightening can result in serious side effects. If you must bleach your skin, you need to know the side effects it brings.


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