Why you should hire a realtor while buying and selling properties


A lot has been said about the doom and gloom of the real estate industry in recent times. Just like every other sector, the real estate industry has professionals that handle its activities as well as ensure itch-free transactions.

These professionals make transactions between sellers and buyers simple and direct. They possess vast knowledge about the happenings in the sector. In fact, it will not be out of place to say that they are the ones creating the happenings in the sector.

Although, technology is now advancing and changing the face of the real estate business, prompting many to neglect the importance of realtors. However we should not forget that technology does not change the fact that real estate is still a “peoples’ business”.

It is an undisputed fact that online retail business is becoming more popular, but there will always be a place where people can go to touch, feel and smell the merchandise or product. In real estate, it is even more important to do that.

The help of a licensed Realtor is very critical for a fair and hassle-free transaction. To understand and underscore this importance, CobraReview comprehensively examines some reasons why realtors should be consulted.

Some of the reasons are:

·         Realtors help in achieving most accurate and up-to-date market area comparable (sold and active properties).

·         They help in giving most up-to-date and accurate evaluation of a land or building, which will eventually place value on the property(s) up for sale.

·         As professionals, realtors possess the ability to help sellers or buyers negotiate a great deal while buying or selling properties.

·         They have quick exposure to thousands of other agents who each can bring a buyer (better chances of getting a higher price). This means, quicker sale, higher price.

·         Realtors help you (the seller) to market – spend money up front on cards, letters and newspaper advertising, which will thereafter bring buyers for the properties up for sale.

·         They help to reviewing offers with sellers, analysing these offers properly and signing backs without needing a lawyer.

·         Realtors help Provide buyers with a wide variety of properties to visit, make sure these properties are easily accessed, and at the same time, shoulder the transportation of buyers to the venue of these properties.

·         Realtors assist you with mortgage financing, home inspections and also assist your lawyer with relevant information and documents until the deal is finally closed.

·         They assist sellers/buyers in screening of potential frauds in any deal.

·         In case of any looming trouble (e.g., court cases) after deals are closed, realtors will always be there to find lasting solution to the issues.

The place or importance of realtors while buying or selling lands/buildings or putting both on rents cannot be overstated, as they have been seen to be of great help to landlords and tenants. Although, the advent of digital technology especially the social media had made their role appear less important, as tenants and buyers can easily connect with landlords and sellers via the internet. However CobraReview advises that working with realtors while buying or selling properties is still the best and safest way.

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