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Here’s Why Lipton Peach Flavour Ice Tea is a Trending Soft Drink

Lipton Peach flavor iced tea

Lipton Peach Flavour Ice Tea is a product of Seven-up bottling Company Limited. It was officially launched on October 1st, 2019 at the Big Brother Naija house and is presently trending on social media, and across town.

Lipton Peach flavour ice tea is steadily becoming one of the most sought after drinks in shopping outlets within and outside Lagos. Competing with other well-known beverages like La Casera, Pepsi, Coca Cola, etc.

The drink is presently sold in SPAR shops and Shoprite outlets in Lagos. So if you want your own pack of Lipton Ice Tea, locate any SPAR or Shoprite outlet around you.

The first time I tasted a very chilled, peach flavoured Lipton Iced Tea, it felt like heaven on earth. The drink tasted like freshly plucked Peach fruit that was washed, sliced, and served on ice; if you are a fan of peach fruit or if you have eaten it before you will understand the kind of refreshing feeling I had at my first sip of the drink.

The most interesting part of this particular Lipton Ice Tea is the health aspect of it, as surprising as it sounds, it’s quite healthier than your regular soda or fizzy drink because it’s like a detox tea that combats stomach fat. I know some persons will say eew! it must be bitter, like the normal Lipton tea without sugar, No, sugar lovers; it’s not bitter. Those who have had a taste of it will attest to the sweet taste of this peach flavoured Lipton Ice tea.

If you are still skeptical about the product then you should go grab yours in time for the Christmas and New year celebration – a trial should convince you.

I thought I was the only one who was touched in the stomach and heart by this drink, but then I stumbled on some other customers’ insight on the drink. A lot of customers feel the drink is deliciously refreshing, some say it gives them a healthy feel, others say it tastes great and it’s nicely made.

Sadly, some customers complain that the pack is too small. Some other persons complain about the product not being available in outlets near them and advised Seven-Up bottling company to work on the drink distribution.

Lipton, we need more of your Peach Flavour Ice Tea around us, we are tired of waiting to have an unending sip of the drink.


  1. Woww.Thanks for sharing this..I do see the lipton ice tea in supermarket but will going right away to have it’s experience

  2. It’s working for me

  3. Good to hear, Wendy.

  4. It’s a potent detoxifier.

  5. I love love lipton peach ice tea my favorite.. But I wanna know the sugar level , that’s why I left other soft drinks because of sugar. Please lipton what’s this drink sugar level??? I take this drink every day.

  6. Do having distributor for it in ekiti state , or another products

  7. This is a great taste by the Lipton Peach, I value the taste so much
    But i want to know the sugar level of this drink and it’s effect on Male because I took this daily

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