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Have You Tasted the Energy Drink Called ‘Fearless’?


Fearless Energy Drink is one of the products of Rites Foods Ltd; producers of Rite Gala, Bigi drinks (Bigi Water, Bigi Apple, Bigi Cola, Bigi Lemon), e.t.c

Rites foods Ltd is located in Ikeja, Lagos, and has so far been able to bring high competition in the beverage market, especially against big competitors like Coca-Cola.

Fearless Energy drink contains some high quality ingredients including: Water, Sugar, Taurine, Caffeine, Flavouring, Ginseng extract. The drink comes in two different flavours: Red Berry & Classic. Some consumers opine that although these two drinks are variants of the same energy drink, they have different impacts on the body. 

Some people feel that the caffeine content in the Orange coloured drink; which is the Fearless Energy Red Berry flavour, is less than the the caffeine content in the black coloured bottle which is refered to as Fearless Energy Classic drink.

The ‘Classic’ Fearless energy drink is that familiar go-to energy drink with a quick, refreshing zing that helps you stay energized and alert all day long.

Fearless energy drink contains Vitamin B6 – a water-soluble nutrient that is part of the B vitamin family which helps to support adrenal function, helps calm and maintain a healthy nervous system, and which is necessary for key metabolic processes.

It also contains Vitamin B12 which is essential for building blood cells and maintaining healthy nerve cells in the body.

Fearless energy drink comes in a 500ml plastic container.

Testimonies from consumers show that they prefer Fearless drink to other energy drinks like Power horse, Bullet e.t.c simply because the caffeine in the Red Berry variant of Fearless energy drink is less compared to others, including Fearless Classic energy drink.

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