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Has Val-U Bread Lost its Value?

Val-U Bread
Val-U Bread

Good food does not only nourish the body but also gives value for money spent acquiring such. Val-U Bread, one of finest brands of premium bread, fits this description of good food. It was widely enjoyed by consumers and gained mass acceptability until the influx of other brands.

Produced by Leventis Foods Ltd, a subsidiary of A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Plc. the bread over the years has increased its products profile to include; Family Loaf, Wheat Loaf, and Midi Loaf.

From our research in the Lagos metropolis, it appears the increasing affordability and availability of new bread brands in the market caused a dwindling effect and decline in the consumption and market share of Val-U Bread. 

Val-U bread retains its quality and taste, setting a standard for the nutritional staple food, but the competition in the market gives customers a wide range of choices, with affordable prices too.

Eateries/confectionaries across the country now produce bread of similar nutritional qualities, with a price range of N250 to N1000; depending on recipe and size of the loaf. Meanwhile Val- U Bread Family loaf currently goes for N280 or N300 depending on where you are buying it.

A bread vendor at a bread kiosk in Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos, Identified as Tayo said Val-U Bread is the least-demanded of the branded bread on her stand. The reason according to her is that there are other brands of bread for as low as N250 or less.

Many other sellers attest to this fact.

For Segun Ogunleye a regular consumer at Ibadan, the price of Val-U Bread was not an issue but getting the bread to buy at major supermarkets and stores.

“I only get to buy what I see these days. Branded quality loaves of different kinds are many in the market. I can hardly get Val- U Bread to buy unlike before,” he added.

BN Foods Ltd, however, in recent times has boosted its market share with the production of quality pastries, such as Meaty Sausage Rolls, Hotty, and Mini Hotty Spicy Rolls, Sweet Rolls which come in three tasty variants; Choco, Vanilla and Sweet Bourbon.

Despite producing about 60,000 loaves per day and 3,500 cartons of Pastries, a wide range of cheaper choices as well as poor distribution is affecting the position of Val-U Bread as the first choice, as it was years ago.

Its taste remains delicious though, and the bread is still equally filling. Do you agree?

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