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Who Got The Dish? Morning Fresh Vs Local Washing Liquid Soaps?


Up till less than two decades ago, bar soaps and powdered detergents were the popular soaps for washing dishes in Nigeria. Bar soaps were however, very cumbersome to use for washing dishes and they had a predictable smell and and the inability to entirely remove the oil residues from dishes, especially with plastic bowls and utensils, while the detergents washed much better but also left a smell, as well as an acidic effect on the hands.

However the introduction of industrial liquid soaps years back specifically for dish washing became a most welcome relief to most Nigerian homes, especially as the liquid soaps came with fresh fragrances that were pleasing to the users and also friendly on the skin.

Morning Fresh dish washing liquid which has been around for over fifteen years, comes in three variants including the Antibacterial, the Zesty Lemon and the Original Fresh. Its grease cutting edge gives it a huge advantage and makes it even more welcome to various homes. Unfortunately, the lower class consumers from Cobra Review feedback could not afford it because it didn’t quite come cheap.

Through the years however, skills acquisition and empowerment programs have afforded a lot of people the technical know-how to produce dish washing liquids locally and at surprisingly affordable prices.

Presently, while a 1000ml bottle of Morning Fresh dish washing liquid costs about five hundred and fifty naira, it’s equivalent of locally produced dish washing liquid costs only about one hundred and fifty naira, making a huge savings of about four hundred naira only. Quite a favourable difference for most low-end users I must say.

While the locally produced dish washing liquids come affordable and readily available, however most of them require you to use more quantity than you would normally require if you were to use Morning Fresh. Although these local washing liquid soaps wash sufficiently well, their fragrances are not as charming as Morning Fresh, which also comes with an unbeatable grease cutting edge that gives it an ace over its competitors.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive dish washing liquid to do the dirty kitchen jobs, an average neighborhood provision store has a hundred naira bottle of soap for you but a more professional dish washing liquid will require a bit more of commercial charges to get the job done. The choice is yours. And of course it depends on your budget.

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