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GIGM Takes Ghana by Storm, Begins International & Intercity Routes

GIGM takes Ghana by storm

God is good Mobility (GIGM) formerly known as God is Good Motors, which is one of the most popular and trusted transport companies in Nigeria has taken their technology-driven transport initiative across Nigeria’s border, to Ghana.

The company which is focused and committed in its move to change the face of the transportation industry has launched its operation in Ghana; where it will operate inter-city services in two of the country’s major cities: Kumasi and Accra.

At a brief ceremony to launch its operations, the Chief Operating Officer, said the company would start with the following routes: Accra-Kumasi-Accra and Accra-Lagos-Accra.

In the near future its services will extend to all the 16 regions of Ghana and the neighbouring countries to enable others experience the revolutionary transport system in West Africa.

The two newly launched terminals have been equipped with 13-seater Jet mover buses, furnished with independent LED screens for entertainment and enough legroom at the price of 30 GHC for rides between Accra and Kumasi.

GIGM is investing in the use of technology and innovation to enhance customers experience and satisfaction through digitisation which is designed towards totally transforming Africa’s interstate and regional transportation network systems.

During a press conference held at the new GIGM terminal at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra-Ghana; the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Vuakpor Muoghereh pointed out that the company’s services will be technologically powered. Through the company’s mobile app customers can books tickets for their trips as well as pick up services. Investors can also partner with GIGM through the enterprise model app while captains will efficiently carry out their duties with the recently introduced the captains’ app.

In line with the latest service, Muoghereh said that commuters can either book tickets and depart from the terminal or they can board from designated pick-up locations around the city.GIGM takes Ghana by storm

According to Muoghereh, individuals who have vehicles that meet the company’s standard can partner with the company by registering on the enterprise model app for partnership.
When the vehicles are duly registered; the owners undergo some training to become certified GIGM captains.

GIGM is relentless in employing technologically- inclined bus captains, who constantly undergo training for professional growth and development. And designating an app for the execution of their services which is in line with the proposed digital revolution of the company. This app for captains will be used for pick up services, management of daily work activities, and for monthly salaries.

Muoghereh noted that Ghana came to mind as GIGM considered West African expansion, because its transport space is yet to be fully tapped.
The company is not deterred by the fact that some heavy weight transport companies like; Chisco, ABC, Cross country have already been on the Nigeria – Ghana route for years. GIGM is confident because it believes the company’s unique selling point with the use of technology will always stand it out among the crowd.

“This is not just activation of Lagos – Accra route but full-scale intercity operations within Ghana which is first of its kind from any international transport company in Ghana,” Ms Muoghereh noted.


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