Filth Makes ACCESS Bank in Festac, InACCESSible to Customers

Access Bank 2nd Ave, Festac 1
Access Bank

The Festac town branch of Access bank, on 2nd Avenue has become inACCESSible to customers and visitors alike as the bank now sits in a pool of rubbish – literally.

It is unethical and very unhygienic to operate business in dirty environments as it can very easily serve as a hub for diseases and infections.

Access Bank

The filth in front of Access bank, 2nd Ave, Festac

Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility it is expected that a financial institution of such standing must function in a hygienic and attractive ambience – th management of this particular Access bank branch appears to have forgotten this.

How the manager of the bank walks in and out of his branch everyday without feeling embarrassed at the filth in his immediate environment is in itself an appalling thought. It is frankly embarrassing.

With a slogan that promises to help customers “Access More“, the bank definitely gives one no road to access more – except perhaps they are able to first wade their way through filth.

Below is an image of Access bank located on 2nd avenue in Festac town. The access road right in front of the bank is in a filthy state and has become inaccessible for a long time now.

Access Bank 2

Access Bank, 2nd Ave, Festac

We hope that the bank takes expected action to save face, spare customers this trauma and also save its environment.

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  1. What a shame.

  2. Maybe they don’t have money to do environmental sanitation.

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