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Fascinators: Stepping Up the Party Scene in 2020


Fascinators trended in 2019, as women began to wear cute hats and hairpieces for almost every occasion. Hairpieces have upped their game and Saturday parties can’t rock without them.

Fascinators are a woman’s light, they are decorative headpiece consisting of feathers, flowers, beads, etc., and attached to a comb or hair clip. These headpieces are traditionally worn at weddings, events and the races.fascinators

The term ‘fascinator’ first appeared in America in the 1860s about a lacy, light-weight, loosely-knitted shawl worn over the head. When cocktail hats were introduced in the 1930s, they brought small feathered headpieces back into fashion.

Women now rock Asoebi parties with artistic and heavy headgear – unlike before that a hair fascinator would mostly be worn to a church event.fascinators

Women like _timmaazmillinery and other celebrities on Instagram have taken the whole Fascinator game to a whole new level and this won the hearts of many other women, making their wardrobe incomplete without it.

As much as you may like to rock fascinators to any outing, there are some factors you must consider so as not to ruin your dress sense. What’s the gain if your outfit is not noticed at that event?


Factors to consider when choosing a fascinator for your outfit

Choose a fascinator to suit your personality, outfit and favourite colours. There are no set rules here, but generally:

If you are very tall, go for a headpiece with width rather than giving yourself even more height.


If you have an oval face, congratulations, you can wear just about anything as far as hat shapes go, and it will look great on you!

If you are not so tall at all, then this is a chance to give yourself a little more height, but don’t be tempted to go too big, keep it in proportion!

These timeless pieces can be worn by bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, guests, and brides themselves. They can all wear fascinators, wide brim boater hats, Headbands, halo crowns, Percher hats or simple headpieces for the special day.


To achieve a vintage or gorgeous retro look, wear fascinators that include veiling, pillboxes, flowers, tulle, and polka dots.

With these, expect too much sauce as your wedding highlights.




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