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Consumers Decry Sugar Hike & Low Quality in Honeywell Whole Wheat Meal

Honeywell whole wheat meal

Honeywell whole wheat meal was launched into the market in November 2009 as a nourishing, wholesome meal that is naturally enriched for the goodness and satisfaction of everyone.

Honeywell wheat meal is said to be rich in protein and fibre, vitamin A and other vitamins and minerals including calcium; but many now beg to differ.

The wheat meal is produced by Honeywell Flour Mill PLC – initially registered as Gateway Honeywell Flour Mill Limited in 1985. However, in June 1995, a change in the company ownership structure led to a change of name to Honeywell Flour Mill Limited (HFML).

Some of the Mill’s other products are Honeywell Superfine Flour, Honeywell Wheat Meal, Honeywell Semolina, Honeywell Noodles, Honeywell Pasta, Honeywell Composite Flour, and Honeywell Brown Flour.

CobraReview gathered that some of the consumers of wheat meal have stopped purchasing this product because the product no longer gives the same effect it once gave when it first entered into the market in 2009.

Many had believed that Honeywell whole wheat mealwas very healthy for diabetic patients because of its said nutritional content. Right now, however, many consumers insist that the product lacks the adequate quantity of the said nutritional content.

There were also complaints about seeing unwanted things inside the product, after purchase. This is what yet another consumer had to say about the product:

“I used to enjoy eating this product until I noticed that instead of maintaining a certain weight or losing weight, I end up adding weight. It was then I made enquiries and found out that the product is not of standard quality anymore and gives the same contents as the normal pounded yam, fufu and garri.”

Another former consumer of the product had this to say, “I started taking Honeywell wheat meal because it was advertised to be good to control/reduce sugar level in the body but to my surprise, it rather caused a slight increase in the sugar content in my body. Also I started to see some kind of insect that moves like a little maggot in the wheat meal.”

Another consumer believes that carbohydrates are added to the wheat and that’s why it doesn’t give the necessary effect. He also says that the packaging of the product should be rechecked because most times when he goes to buy the product he feels discouraged because the bags are weak and not sealed properly.

A wheat meal should be a naturally nutritious, good source of dietary fibre, aid bowel movement, cleanse the colon, and can be eaten by both young and old.


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  1. Exactly! I buy Honeywell wheat meal a lot and I have seen the maggot in the bag twice.

  2. This particular wheat brand is bad. It might be cheap but definitely unhealthy. Their flour is mixed.

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