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Consumer Feedback: 5 Airlines Rated Worst For In-flight Meals

consumer feedback

In-flight meals are some of the most interesting aspects of passengers’ experience aboard any airline. In the aviation industry, the meal service sums up the entire customer service of each carrier. A bad meal on any flight means the airline has a poor customer service; and consequently it may discourage users from patronizing the airline  further. Of course, it is assumed that if an airline fails to consider what goes through a customer’s mouth, it may hardly have given serious thought about everything else, including the safety of its aircraft.

However, you will be surprised to see the international airlines that have been indicted in this regards. A British research and investigation media devoted mostly to exposing bad products interviewed and surveyed about 7000 users to get feedback about their in-flight meal experience.

Here are the 5 airlines rated worst for in-flight meals:

American Airlines: Headquartered in Texas, US, American Airlines is the largest airline in the world by fleet size. But according to survey, the airline scores low on quality of food and drinks offered on its flights. Customers described the meal service as ‘unexciting’ to ‘awful’, with one describing a pasta dish as ‘dripping with oil’.

United Airlines: The Chicago-based airlines operate a robust flight network especially across the Asia-Pacific region. Curiously, it promises a ‘culinary experience’ with a ‘thoughtfully crafted’ burgers and wraps but flyers get a different treat. The airline hardly sticks to its promise, going by revelations by passengers. According to ‘Which?’ one flyer described United Airlines’ meal as ‘unpleasant and overcooked’, adding that the food was uninspiring at best. That flyer was left hungry afterwards.

Tui Airways: Tui Airways, headquartered in Hannover, Germany, operates the largest chartered airlines in the world to any destination. The main complaint highlighted by Tui Airways customers is its lack of depth in its meal offerings. Passengers who were seated at the back of its aircraft said the staff of the airline had run out of many items by the time they were serving them. As well, the passengers who were lucky to get served were underwhelmed with the quality of the meals.  One of the flyers reported that their cheese sandwich had ‘barely any cheese’.

Thomas Cook Airlines: Thomas Cook Airlines, the British adventure brand, may have hired celebrity chef, James Martin, to curate some of its dishes – such as Cornish ale braised beef – but it didn’t stop it making the bottom 5 for the quality of its food and drink. One disgruntled customer described the food as expensive and not very appetizing.

British Airways: British Airways is regarded as the flag carrier airline for the United Kingdom. In terms of passengers’ number, the airline is only second behind Easy Jet, a no frill, short haul airline. But BA does not fully represent the British taste when it comes to meals served on board. One frequent flyer of British Airways described the food served aboard as ‘abysmally poor’ and ‘akin to offerings at some British motorway stations, but more expensive’. Others went as far as blaming cost cutting for a drop in quality, describing the meals as ‘fatty and unhealthy’. Also, many other passengers with special dietary requirements said they weren’t well catered for.

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