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Chivita 100%: A new phase of whole fruit juice?

CHIVITA 100%, chivita

Chivita 100% is a juice brand manufactured in Lagos by Chi Limited. The office is located at No: 14 Chivita Avenue, Isolo, Lagos. The product was first introduced into the Nigerian market in 1996 as Chivita Premium Fruit Juice. The brand’s name however was changed in 2014 to Chivita 100% to reflect its 100% fruit juice offering.

The fruit juice comes in different variants; Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Red Grapes, in 1 Litre, 315ml, 200ml and 180ml.

Chivita 100%, according to Chi Limited is made from real natural fruits with no added sugar, preservatives nor colouring. The organization claims the product is a reliable source of vitamins and minerals that are healthy for consumers.

In an effort to connect more with its customers, Chi Limited recently launched a campaign tagged ‘Breakfast with Chivita 100%’. The campaign is being staged at various retail stores and malls across the city of Lagos and recently flagged at Ebeano Superstore in GRA, Ikeja.

According to Mrs Gift Okoro, a senior executive with Chi Ltd, the initiative is aimed at connecting consumers with Chivita products, especially the Chivita 100%. While speaking with CobraReview, Gift Okoro claims the campaign is to create awareness about the health benefits and satisfaction gotten when people consume Chivita 100% with breakfast.

“Breakfast with Chivita 100% is a campaign for the public to know about the health benefit and satisfaction derived when they get to complete their breakfast with Chivita 100%. The campaign has started since the beginning of this year. It is a quarterly event. This is actually its third quarter. This quarter has been running for the past three weeks,” she added.

She reveals that the campaign is yielding positive results in sales output, adding that more people now easily connect with Chivita products. Although, it is not certain when the campaign will be rounding off but one thing is certain that the campaign has brought more awareness to Chi products.

‘’It has brought about a tremendous increase in sales. With this campaign, more people are now connected with our products and this has led to more purchase. Remember this campaign is not only aimed at creating awareness, but also to increase sales in both short and long run,’’ she concludes.

According to a report published in Daily Trust of June 14th this year, “The use of internationally renowned soccer stars like Wayne Rooney, Marcus Rashford, Eric Bailly and Juan Mata in the television advertisement to project the brand’s breakfast narrative is connecting with the consumer base and its effectiveness is largely seen in the growing number of consumers who have made Chivita 100% their preferred breakfast beverage at homes, offices and restaurants.”

The report also quotes Mr Martins Nnadi, an IT professional, as saying: “The #breakfastwithChivita100% publicity campaign has been massive and is gradually shaping consumer opinion of a complete healthy breakfast.

Also the National Publicity Secretary of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Mr. Olusola Malomo, in reviewing the product states: “100% fruit juice is made from the flesh of fresh fruit or from whole fruit, depending on the type used. It is not permitted to add sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavouring or colourings to fruit juices. Chivita 100% complies with these requirements as articulated by its production and packaging process.”

“Regular consumption of 100% fruit juice could also address modern health challenges caused by fewer minerals/vitamins/antioxidants, processed foods, excess sugar, excess fat/cholesterol, improper chemical combination and excess animal fat,” he adds.

Mrs. Beatrice Okon, a business woman and mother of two in reviewing Chivita 100% states: “My children find the taste of Chivita 100% Real Orange variant irresistible and it is delightful, as well as convenient to me as a mother to make it an integral part of their breakfast.”

Chivita 100% is the flagship product of Chi Limited and is marketed as a  distinct brand from other Chivita products which come with added sugar and preservatives. It can be found in open markets, petty shops, malls and supermarkets across the Country.

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