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Cadbury, What Happened to the Good Ol’ Goody Goody Caramel Bar?

Goody goody caramel bar
where is Goody goody caramel bar?

Goody Goody Caramel Bar is a well-known gummy and chewy candy product from Cadbury Nigeria Plc. It could have been said to be the most popular candy in Nigeria’s confectionery market at one time.

But, what happened to our Goody Goody sweet, as it was fondly called by kids from the 80s and 90s? Why is it not in our markets anymore? Sadly we can’t find it anymore, and kids of this present age are really missing out of its addictive fun and delight.

Let’s reminisce on our growing up, fun-filled moments of masticating goody goody, by taking a quick trip down memory lane.

When I think of my childhood, the first thing that comes to mind is the succulent varieties of candy we had in the 80s and 90s. One snack my memory will never forget is ‘Goody Goody’. It was a yummy, moist, soft and chewy succulent candy that some of us had to trade our erasers and pencils for as kids.

The much fun l had then was chewing and licking out the sweetness and goodness of goody goody, it was mind-blowing and still nostalgic in my mind. Cadbury Nigeria Plc, What happened to our Goody Goody?

Goody goody caramel bar

Confectionary wholesalers and retailers and customers in the market, who once purchased the product in those days, and who also still have a fresh memory of goody goody caramel bar all agree that they would give anything to sale and taste Goody Goody one more time.

There are those born in the 80s and 90s who never tasted goody goody – thanks to environmental constraints, cash constraints, or whatever else prevented this delicious product from getting to their doorsteps These ones also stated that they would love to have a taste of its goodness.


  1. This is fantastic deary, I wish I can have a taste of goody goody now.

    1. Then let’s sound the alarm until they hear it.

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