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Cacatin: Dragging Its Feet In The Antiseptic Market


Cacatin is a herbal antiseptic cream manufactured by Layus Investment Company Limited. According to the company, the NAFDAC registered product, whose purple, white and green packaged container is reminiscent of herbal leafs cures ringworms, eczemas, skin rashes and bumps.

Though a relatively new product in the sphere of antiseptic creams, it has gained recognition in select areas of Lagos and is highly recommended by several consumers who wax poetic about Cacatin’s ability to rid them of certain skin irritations, particularly eczemas and rashes.

According to Joy, a constant user of the herbal ointment, it is the first antiseptic cream that she used which effectively rid her of a long existing skin rash.

Chibuzo, a trader in Agege market, swears by the quality of it, stating; “I’ve used it before; I became curious about the product when customers began to ask me about it so I decided to stock up on it and proceeded to use it too to know if it’s really good and it turned out to be good.”

Another customer further explained why she likes Cacatin; “It was recommended to me as a cure for stretch mark but even though it didn’t work for that purpose I began to notice a change in my skin; the redness and itchiness began to fade away.”

Divine, a hairdresser says she uses it for purposes other than skin treatment; “I mix Cacatin with some of my hair products, and I’ve noticed that it effectively cures and prevents dandruff and brittle hair.”

Some of the active ingredients in Cacatin are shea butter, honey and sulphur, caca leaves and caca powder. It is no surprise then that the manufacturer choose to name their product Cacatin, which denotes the caca ingredient present in it.

What apparently comes as a shock however is the absence of the strong smell of sulfur. It is safe to presume that where other makers of antiseptic cream, such as Nixoderm, failed to eliminate the unpleasant smell of sulfur, manufacturers of Cacatin achieved the feat. Or would it be presumptuous to assume that the sulfur is simply not present? Nonetheless, the white cream is cool and soothing on the skin and prevents skin irritation as well.

One notable issue of the product is that even though Cacatin can be found in most local open markets in Lagos, it is something of a rarity in supermarkets and even most pharmacies. Speaking with a pharmacist, who pleaded anonymity, he says, “The antiseptic cream is not stocked in most stores because it is relatively unknown and only has market presence in select locations.” She went further to explain, “Most people in high-end areas of Lagos remain unaware of the product and may choose other established brands over it even if it’s stocked in the over-the-counter sections of drugstores and supermarkets so we shy away from stocking products that may not move, often due to lack of publicity on the company’s part.”

However a simple check online reveals that Cacatin is available for purchase in both Jumia and Konga Stores. Notwithstanding, Layus Investment Company Limited can do more to spread the capability and market reach of the product.

The organization was incorporated on 14th April, 1997 and located at Ipaja, Lagos. Cacatin comes in different sizes, the most popular being its 20g container which retails for N200.

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