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What’s the Buzz About ‘Body Fantasies’ Perfumed Body Sprays?

body fantasies
body fantasies signature fragrances

Body Fantasies is a perfume and beauty brand that produces fragrances ranging from vanilla, cucumber melon, twilight mist, sweet sunrise, cherry blossom, paradise, pink vanilla kiss, Japanese cherry and a few other fragrances.

Perfumes as you may know, are mixtures of fragrant essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents, usually in liquid form, that give the body a pleasant scent. They have the same function but each brand may vary in size, effect, price, content, fragrances.

The perfumes produced under the Body Fantasies brand are unique, and can be distinguished from most brands because of its peculiar features: varying soothing fragrances (which appeal to the female gender more), affordable prices, and consistency in quality.

The perfumed sprays come in handy plastic bottles with a very attractive label and two bottle sizes of 8 oz and 3.2 oz. They are quite affordable especially when compared with similar body spray brands like the Victoria’s Secret, Free and Lovely etc. It can be bought in the market, for as low as N1,600 (8 oz) and N450 (3.2 oz).

One important factor in purchasing a product is considering ease of purchase and how readily available the product would be in the market; the Body Fantasies range ticks these boxes quite comfortably.

From CobraReview’s analysis of customers’ feedback, we can surmise that most consumers are endeared by the product’s affordable price and its wide range of fragrances to choose from, which gives a feel of comfort and confidence throughout the day.

Some complained that the product’s fragrances are too mild i.e. not strong enough for adult use but much better on teenagers. Some others regard the brand’s consistency (fragrance wise) as rigid and static.

Body Fantasies sometimes change their product packaging and design, but the fragrances remain sweet and unique. Thus, I would recommend this brand for ladies who want to boost their confidence with sweet fragrances.

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