BestCare Hospital – When Healthcare Delivery is Inhospitable

Bestcare hospital, ikoyoli

Hospitality is akin to a warm and welcoming reception given to a guest or a visitor. And a hospital is supposed to be a place where a hundred percent proper care and attention is given to patients at all times. BestCare Hospital on Keffi street, in Ikoyi, Lagos unfortunately, lacks this spirit of hospitality.

The kind of hospitality expected from a hospital is one without bias or pickiness – no matter the state of a patient’s health. This kind of hospitality should be top-notch; not one that abandons emergency cases or critically sick patients. Hundred percent of attention and care should be given to a patient whether the patient’s present state is severe or otherwise.

Recently, I had a car accident and was rushed there for treatment. The response I received from the receptionist was very poor, not minding how badly injured I was upon my arrival at the hospital as a patient with an emergency. The nurse on duty made the whole matter worse by asking me to sit down and wait for a doctor to come and attend to me – when she knew specifically the doctor was nowhere near. She even went further by asking me, dripping in my own blood, if the injuries on my body were fresh or stale. Looking at the severity of my injuries and the fear of it not getting infected, I had to locate another hospital where my injuries were properly treated.

It’s no news that many general hospitals are defaulters as regards abandoning critically sick patients who visit their facility for treatment. But, it is quite alarming and unacceptable to get such poor services from a reputable private hospital.

When asked about the hospital’s services, other customers of BestCare Hospital complained bitterly of their consistent poor customer service from the receptionist and the nurses, and their invariably wasting of patients’ time in critical conditions.


This is a true story from an unsatisfied patient and many other patients who do not have another platform to share their own ordeal. We all find Best Care Hospital, South West, Ikoyi, Lagos guilty of being inhospitable.

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  1. This is actually a wake up call for all our hospitals in Nigeria. It’s very important for doctors and nurses to realize that every patient is super important and that they primary purpose is to try all they can to save a life.God will help us Amen.

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