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Baby Tribotan Cream – What all Mothers Should Know

baby tribotan cream
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Baby Tribotan cream is used for Acne, Diaper Rash, Sweat, Itching, Eczema, Skin irritation Ringworm and other skin conditions caused by bacteria and fungi. It is manufactured by Fidson Healthcare plc. Ogun State, Nigeria – producers of Tribotan cream and tablet for adults.

It contains Clotrimazole BP (used to treat diaper rash, oral thrush, ringworm) and Ichthammol BP (used in skin disorder) as active ingredients. Baby Tribotan cream is used for treatment, control, prevention, and improvement.

Some mothers in Nigeria are already familiar with and make use of this product. Some find it very good to use but there are a few who are against the use of this product due to the knowledge of some side effects listed of the product. In order to get more information on how good and safe the product is, Cobrareview spoke to some mothers around Lagos State, these were their responses;

Mrs Adeola: “I used this cream for my baby and it worked fine, I feel all mothers should use this cream it’s nice.”

Mrs Lucy: “I used this on my son when he was 5 months old and it worked perfectly well. I even use the cream till now when it is necessary and he is 4 years now.”

Mrs Chika: “It was my sister that recommended it to me, all my kids had some kind of uneven skin colour and after I applied it on them for about 4 days, their skin was perfect.”

Another mother said she wasn’t aware of the existence of the cream but she isn’t a fan of products like this because she doesn’t feel products like this should be used on a baby.

After all the interactions we had with mothers, CobraReview had an interview with a Medical Doctor (Pediatrician), Dr. Reginald Nwachukwu (MD Hossanna Clinic, Ketu) and this is what he had to say;

There are some creams that are good for handling skin issues like the skin condition that the Yorubas call ILA, which is at times a fungal infection. I know of Tribotan for adults, I’m not aware they have prepared the one for younger babies/children.

Most preventive creams contain Zinc and could be used to prevent nappy rash, it will not harm the baby as long as it is used in the right quantity. There can only be problems when the skin has wound, it is this wound that will make the skin absorb the cream, if the skin is bridged or has a tear or is thin, it can absorb it”

It is advisable to wash your hands before and after applying the cream. Also, do not wash the treated area immediately after applying Baby Tribotan cream. Some of the listed side effects of this cream are; redness, itching, irritation, swelling, fever, and burning.

These side effects according to Dr. Nwachukwu can occur when the product is applied on an open or broken skin.


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