About Us

My name is Akin Adeoya and I have spent the last 27 years building and studying brands. I have learnt that there are good brands and there are not so good brands. But many a time, the consumer buys blind. This needs to change. Great products deserve protection and support. Bad ones need to be exposed. They distress the consumer, and that is an unforgivable crime. Poorly conceived product ideas become a burden on society, they drain scarce resources and deliver no value. They are unhealthy, sometimes poisonous to the mind and body and deceptive in their communication. I have been a copywriter who helped create great advertising to build good products into formidable brands and have been a very public writer who helped hasten bad product ideas to their grave.

Yes, you could say I have been a brand maker and a brand slayer. It’s what I just love to do. And this blog is the beginning of another journey to help brands put a smile on the face of the consumer-That is what they are born to do-And yes a few other things: Consumer centric reviews, useful news and reviews on products, new and old, global product development updates and the stories about the people and ideas that are shaping our new world. That is some challenge, so help me God as I proceed, In The Name of the Consumer!

Why Cobra? Mind you it’s not a snake! Cobra is my short for COnsumer BRAnds. Please join me on this exciting journey as I take this opportunity to welcome you to Cobra Review, by Akin Adeoya.