5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land in Lekki

buying land in Lekki

If you use a smartphone or browse the internet regularly, then, at one time or the other, you would have received a broadcast message or seen pop up adverts showcasing the benefits of owning land in Lekki, Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Buying land is a good idea, but acquiring it in a nice location makes it a perfect idea because location plays a crucial role in determining how valuable your property will become in time to come.

Although land or property in areas like Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Magodo, Victoria Garden City (VGC), etc, is quite expensive, they are definitely worth the money and effort put into them.

Below are five absolutely good reasons to buy land in Lekki.

1. Land Value in the Lekki Region increases exponentially:

This is not even news anymore. Land that was bought for as low as N900,000 (in Lekki), a few years ago, now goes for nothing less than N2m. This is because more exposure is coming to the area, with big companies buying off more land to develop and resell at higher rates to people in the future. According to Charles Olakunle, a realtor with EL- Salam Homes, the appreciation rate of land in the Lekki region is one of the highest in the whole of Lagos. So if you would like to do some speculative investment, buy land in Lekki now, you will definitely be able to put the land for sale for at least double the price in the near future.

2. Proximity to Luxury Locations and Resorts.

Buying land in Lekki at the current prices for which they are sold, will no doubt, give you the opportunity to be located near tourist attractions. This will make it easier for you to unwind at will without traveling an unduly long distance. You have the likes of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Eleko beach and several private beaches, resorts, and luxury places within a short distance of your property.

If you’re a fun lover, this is your reason. Go for it!

3. Security Reasons

It is undisputed fact that ‘the rich’ take security of their lives, families and properties serious. Unlike areas like Magboro, Mowe, Sango Ota, etc where land buyers only think of acquiring land and building them up, a land buyer in areas like Lekki, Ikoyi, etc, asides building, would also think of how to get his or her environment secured.

With the land boom currently going on in the lekki region, more individuals and bodies are banding together to provide security for residents. Having said that, buying land in the Lekki axis, by virtue of positioning, makes it easier for individuals to collectively contribute funds to hire trained security personnel. Your life and property are likely going to be more secured in this area.

4. Nearness to the Lekki-Epe International Airport

It is a no-brainer that buying land close to a facility like an airport will automatically attract higher property rates in the future. Securing a plot in Lekki for yourself will help you position to collect higher rents, or be able to sell at an unbelievably profitable rate in the future.

5. The Presence of the Lekki/Epe Export Free Trade Zone

A very solid reason to buy land in Lekki is the construction of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and the Free Trade Zone (FTZ). In this area, it is almost certain that the development of the region will be fast as the government will make extra effort to provide good roads for accessibility.

This will, in turn, become beneficial to residents and landowners in the region. Should you buy a plot of land and build your house there, you can then take advantage of the trade zone for business and employment purposes.


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