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5 Ingredients To Look Out For When Buying Women’s Body Cream


The major attraction across all cosmetics line is the active ingredients. Manufacturers of beauty care products intensify research year-in-year-out to discover new formulas with great potential for nourishing ladies’ skins. Whichever firm proffers the most effective solutions for female’s skin health will gain the edge over competition.

Having a soft and well nourished skin is the priority of every woman. While many Nigerian women try to avoid bleaching, they prefer to stick with the body cream that nourishes and moisturizes the skin naturally. The question however is, which lotion is best for a healthy skin? Choosing the best body cream is relative. It boils down to the texture of the skin and peculiar taste of each woman.

The Nigeria cosmetics and personal care market is huge. As at 2018, the market was valued at N500 billion. Notable brands in the market include Nivea, Olay, Maybelline, Zaron, Midas, Nuban etc. What makes each brand unique and appealing are the ingredients packed into each product. The ingredients are the active elements that determine users’ experience. It is important to not go for any kind of brand name but see seek counsel to know which brand contains the best ingredients that matches one’s skin.

Here are some of the top ingredients to look out for when making choices of what brand of cosmetics to purchase:

1. Vitamin E:

It hydrates the skin and promotes skin elasticity. It is also a great ingredient for moisturizing the skin. It is similarly known as tocopherol on label of body cream. It is very difficult to find lotions without vitamin nutrient in them.

2. Ceramides.

These are lipid molecules found in skin membrane that helps in preventing loss of moisture and protect the skin. If you have a dry skin, it means you are lacking ceramides. The skin produces ceramides naturally but diminishes over time as you age, Using a lotion that contains ceramides, you can restore moisture in the skin. They are however absorbent and locks in water, giving your skin that natural look.

3. Essential fatty acid.

Essential fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. These polyunsaturated fats helps in keeping the skin hydrated, plumper and looking younger. Lack of essential fatty acid can result to abnormalities such as dermatitis.

4. Glycerin.

Another major ingredient that helps to prevent or combat dry skin is glycerin. They are specially formulated to nourish dry skin. Glycerin helps to fade dark spots from the skin and improve body radiance. It also minimizes water loss and maintain skin water balance so the skin is well hydrated and nourished.

5. Peptides.

When amino links together they form amino peptides, when these peptides link together they form basis for protein. Protein is very vital to the skin as they help the skin look firm and smooth, cultivating that youthful and radiant look. Applying them via cream and lotion can decrease the appearance of wrinkles over time.

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